"The game is won and lost during the transitions."

I had this epiphany after watching the incredible CrossFit games over the weekend, and I believe it is an analogy that applies not just to CrossFit or sport, but business and life!

In the work segments, the day to day (the bit where you get your head down and graft) is all about consistency, keeping going and sticking to the plan.

However, the changes, the unexpected, the transitions that happen in sport, in business, in life, is where the magic happens. It's literally where the game is won or lost.

It's where the best come alive, adapt, move and change without getting stuck or overthinking it, and work quickly back to that level of consistency, getting their head down and sticking to the plan.

So it stands to reason. If you can move quickly through the changes, you'll come out the other side in front. Then it's about getting your head down and sticking to the plan, for the win.

I think this is why some entrepreneurs are successful with whatever they touch. It is not their day to day activity that sets them apart; it's their speed through the changes that make all the difference...

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