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Production is the key to value. Content is the key to engagement.

If you want your content to be loved, you need to value your production.
The most straightforward demo of this principle has nothing to do with film, but LinkedIn profile pictures. How many people have you seen on Linkedin with awful, cropped, blurry, too dark or even an unreadable icon? Loads, right?
What this says about that person is that they don't value production.
The very same principle applies to the content you put out. Whether you like it or not, your posts will be judged on their production, regardless of the power of the actual content itself.
I am not talking about hiring a production company, every time you want to make a post (although if you do, we're here Smartphone Films) I'm talking about the very basics; sensible set-up, talking to the camera (not off to one side) can we see you, can we hear you? Does what you're putting out in the world, represent you and your business well?
The power of your content is not enough to excuse poor production. I believe it damages the impact of what you're trying to say.
How much do you value your production? Or are you just happy to get something out?
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