Giving your employees a real voice is an essential part of building a desirable company culture.

As a commercial filmmaker, I've been uniquely placed over the years to peek behind the curtain of a lot of companies and experience first hand the effect the communications policy has.

I started Smartphone Films because I began to recognise how much more impactful my work was when it took an authentic approach, cultivating a balance in professional film making techniques and the genuine feel of self-shot content. The seed of the idea grew from recognising the failings of corporate communications, and how the process filtered creativity and ultimately warped the employee voice.

The way your business communicates is the superpower of a company. It has the ability to bond your employees in a common goal, offering them a sense of belonging and purpose; in turn, this develops and builds your culture.

It doesn't matter what your company does; your staff can tell the real story better than anyone. It is just a case of whether you will let them or not.

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