• Superfast turnaround, enterprise social content solution for businesses.

  • We are your production company.


    Smartphone Films is an enterprise-level business solution for generating social content, without the large costs of hiring a production company.


    You shoot your content

    Send it to us

    We edit, finish, and return a social ready film.

    You own the rights

    Superfast turnaround

    Music track INCLUDED

    Graphics INCLUDED

    Subtitles INCLUDED

    Logo animations INCLUDED

    Formating for channel INCLUDED





  • Make a great film.

    Six basic steps to give your content the edge.

    Story Teller

    Think about the story of your film. Are you travelling or going somewhere? It might be helpful to give your film some context by showing some of the journey.

    Set your scene

    Set the scene, show us who you are, where you are and why you're telling us this story. This will help your audience engage with the film.


    If you're going to talk or interview someone, find yourself a quiet spot, background noise isn’t nice for your audience, we need to hear what you are saying!


    Steady moves are the key, fast jerky moves are not nice to watch. So keep you movement silky smooth. Films require movement to hold attention and engagement.

    As a basic rule think:

    Little movement in the scene = Add smooth movement

    Lots of movement = Hold steady and let it unfold.


    Shot list

    To create an approximate one min film, we need to have enough footage to work with.

    There is no upper limited but as a minimum, shoot at least 30 x 3-5 second clips plus any longer segments talking to camera etc.

    This will give us plenty to work with.



    Get creative, your chance to play director, Scorsese, Coppola, Tarantino are quaking in their boots. New angles, features of the event, interesting scenes, interesting people, the floor is yours. Anything you see that is relevant to your film, get the shot!

  • Simple pricing

    One-off film £395
    4 films a month £995 per month (6-month contract)
    8 films a month £1495 per month (6-month contract)
    15 films a month £1995 per month (6-month contract)
    All Pricing + VAT
  • We are your production company.

    The superfast turnaround enterprise social content solution for business.



    The vlog style of production has never been so prevalent, done well, it offers transparency and realism, that a professional film can't touch. Of course, the professional film still has a place, and nothing will ever speak to an audience like a beautifully crafted film. However, there is no denying that a simple Linkedin post of someone talking to the camera, sharing a real experience or divulging some insight generates a massive ROI in terms of engagement. We all see it every day across social media in general.


    People enjoy watching and hearing from other people. No intelligent stats needed to prove the point. It is obvious.

    We created Smartphone films as a way for you to generate regular, engaging, storytelling content for your business and package it in a format where it's easy and enjoyable to watch.

    Corporate Networking

    Nothing tells the story of your experience better than a short film, ready to go fast and perfect for social media.

    Internal & External Communications

    Show your company in a whole new light, people love to peek behind the curtain, let them see your company at its best.

    Live Events

    If you've spent the money attending an event why waste the opportunity to generate some great social media content.

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